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May 17 2019

#Washington state university email + #Video

#Washington #state #university #email

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Washington state university email

Washington state university email

There are no warnings or emergencies


  • Reminder for Inclement Weather December 07, 2018 2:31pm

As we enter into the time of year that inclement weather conditions are on its way, we would like to remind everyone to take personal safety into account when determining whether travel to and from campus can be accomplished safely.

Because WSU Pullman is a residential and research campus, decision makers consider a broad range of implications when making any change to campus operations. If classes are cancelled, many essential operations are still in service and essential personnel, including Facilities, Dining, and Police, remain on campus. The presumption is that, if campus is safe, we remain open. We have a finite number of classes and … » More …

To report an emergency:

NOTE: When dialing 911 from a WSU Pullman campus number, there will be a 7 second delay in connecting. WAIT! DO NOT HANG UP!

How do I sign up for Notifications?

NOTE TO PARENTS: Our current system does not support parent or third party registration to receive notifications. However, we do allow each individual to list up to 9 different mechanisms for emergency notification. Have your student list your contact information as an alternate to theirs, and that will get you emergency notifications as part of your student’s contact file.

  • Go to the myWSU portal and sign in using your network ID and password
  • Click on the “Emergency Information” box.
  • Click “Update now” to sign up or update your contact information.
  • Complete the Washington State University student emergency notification form
  • Once you have completed entering your contact information, please click ‘SUBMIT’. Your information has now been recorded and you are signed up to receive emergency notifications!

I got a text, call or email from WSU Alert. What should I do next?

  • CONFIRM that you received the message. If you are asked to confirm receipt of the message, please do so. This is important as it helps us know if the message is getting out to the campus community.
  • Follow the instructions given in the message, assessing your personal situation. This will vary depending on the circumstances.
  • Go to the WSU ALERT website (, call the WSU Informational Hotline (509-335-2345) or check other official internal sources to get more information on what is happening and what you should do in response. We can only provide a brief bit of information in the WSU Alert message so you will want to get more details on the situation.
  • Follow the instructions of emergency personnel and comply with your unit’s emergency procedures as appropriate.

The Campus Outdoor Warning System for the Pullman Campus

NOTE Even if you cannot understand the voice instructions, your default action should be to always take shelter and seek further information from other WSU Alert resources!

WSU has installed five outdoor warning siren/public address units on the Pullman campus. The University may sound these sirens in the event of an emergency that may threat the safety of those outdoors. These sirens are designed to be heard OUTDOORS ONLY. The siren tones are prone to echoing among the buildings on campus; however all possible adjustments have been made to improve the intelligibility of the voice messages.

Law enforcement actions, such as the response to an active shooter, may or may not necessitate the sounding of the sirens. Emergency Management will follow the instructions of the WSU Police Department in regards to emergency warning and notification of any law enforcement activity.

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