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May 17 2019

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U of m college

U.A. Whitaker College of Engineering

Our value proposition is hard to beat

We aren’t simply committed to producing graduates with superior technical and professional skills. We believe in a more personal approach, with smaller class sizes and full-time faculty who work closely with students in an innovative and entrepreneurial atmosphere.

The resources that the College of Engineering provides have been the road map I’ve used to navigate my academic career. ”

Junior, Software Engineering

FGCU provided the resources to achieve two engineering degrees, and be the president of the FGCU chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers. ”

Environmental and Civil Engineer

The small class sizes allow you to build strong relationships with faculty, which plays a huge role when applying for jobs and internships. ”

Undergraduate Programs

Find your future in one of our accredited undergraduate degrees

Eight years ago, the Wall Street Journal projected biomedical engineering as the top job of 2018. Ride that wave by learning how to apply new technology to biomaterials, biomechanics and biomedical tools and procedures.

It’s not just about planning, designing and supervising the building of bridges, highways, railways, tunnels, airports, dams and other structures. There are environmental considerations: water supply, pollution control and preservation of soil quality.

Construction Management incorporates planning, coordinating and building skills to take a project from conception to completion. Construction Managers coordinate activities and work with a wide variety of professionals including architects, engineers, financial experts, suppliers and public stakeholders.

This program employs a team-based interdisciplinary learning philosophy that provides students with the critical thinking skills required for the effective and innovative design and development of systems, processes and tools needed for the protection of the environment, human health and natural ecosystems.

Software plays an increasingly important role in our daily life, and it’s a fast-growing field. This program prepares students in the theory and methods of construction of software for industrial, scientific and commercial applications.

Master of Science in Engineering

Offered for the first time in fall 2017, the MSE is a 30-credit-hour degree program that students pursue on a full- or part-time basis, utilizing courses during the late afternoon or evening. Emphasis areas are offered in environmental engineering and renewable energy engineering.

Excellence in Education (E3) Award

Each year we are given the opportunity to nominate our favorite U.A. Whitaker College of Engineering faculty or staff member – those who have promoted excellence in education and success of students.

We have first-rate facilities for learning

Holmes Hall

Holmes Hall is strategically designed for student-centered teaching of engineering and computing courses in an active and collaborative learning environment, including a high bay for large-scale projects. With access to industrial ovens, gyratory compactors, a two-ton overhead gantry crane, a pressure chamber and mobile work tables, Holmes Hall provides an inspiring environment for students. The college is led by Dr. Richard Behr.

The Emergent Technologies Institute

The Emergent Technologies Institute (ETI) is the first project in the Innovation Hub, a 240-acre development planned as a magnet for technology and research companies. Classes met for the first time in fall 2016 at the 25,000-square-foot building, which was designed to support new educational initiatives, enhance the regional workforce and economic development and foster collaboration involving higher education, government, industry and the local community. Dr. John Woolschlager leads the ETI team.

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