Mar 28 2020

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As is where is real estate ******* As-Is Clauses in Real Estate Sale Contracts In the local newspaper, Lee saw an advertisement for a cottage on a small island in the bay near her home. It sounded perfect. Although the cottage was built in the 1930s, the owner indicated in the advertisement that the cottage had been extensively renovated in the last five years. The updates included a new kitchen, central air conditioning, and upgraded electrical wiring. The cottage was listed as for sale by owner. Rita noticed that the advertisement indicated that the owner was selling the cottage in …

Mar 19 2020

#As is where is real estate #As #is #where #is #real #estate

As is where is real estate ******* All About As-Is Offers Mother and Two Children Outside House for Sale To make an “as-is offer” is to state that you, the buyer, will take the property in the condition it is in as of the date you make the offer, and will not ask the seller to do any work or repairs to the home. You can see why these offers are so attractive to sellers; they love the idea of being able to mentally move on from this home to the next one as soon as they accept your offer. …

Mar 17 2020

#As is where is real estate #As #is #where #is #real #estate

As is where is real estate ******* Selling a House ‘As Is’: What It Means for Buyers Selling a house “as is” sounds like a pretty sweet deal for sellers. They don’t have to hurry around fixing the place up. But what does it mean for buyers? When looking through property listings and the term “as is” appears, some people see it as a warning. Others see it as an opportunity. That might get you wondering, what exactly does “as is” mean? Selling a house ‘as is’ Technically, selling a house “as is” means the owner is selling the home …