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Dec 21 2016

Properties For Sale in Germany and German Property Guide #real #estate #forms

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Property in Germany – Cheap German Properties

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Buying a property in Germany is fast becoming a favourite passtime of weathered property investors. As the country emerges out of its long stagnation of economic growth the property sector is beginning to thrive on the back of low cost property and the high percentage of rental properties in Germany

The German economy has weathered the recent global financial crisis well and is still emerging as one of Europe’s major players in property investment opportunities. Buying into real estate in the country is a worthwhile investment as the majority of residents in the country prefer renting as oppposed to buying.

Why Consider Buying Property in Germany ?

Property prices in some cities like Berlin are up to 10 times cheaper than their London counterparts and to top that the majority of people in Berlin rent as opposed to buying property. Only 40% of people own their own property in Germany so the rental market is huge and ripe for the picking.

We feature a vast array of differing types of property for sale in Germany starting from an impressive £21,000 for an apartment in Berlin right upto £16.4m for an office block. You can even buy a block of apartments for only £55,000 – how cheap is that?

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