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Apr 14 2019

La boulangerie fresno

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La boulangerie fresno, REMMONT.COM

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Store Hours

All locations are OPEN DAILY: 7:00AM–6:00PM. La Farine is closed the following holidays: Thanksgiving Day and the day after, Christmas Day and the day after, and January 1–6.

Contact Us

For information on our products, ordering, or any other customer service matters, please visit or call your nearest La Farine location during normal business hours.


If you d like to order any La Farine products or have questions about any of the products described on this website, please call or visit your preferred pick-up location. All orders and *holds over $20 must be prepaid. (*We can often accommodate same day phone orders and holds, but we reserve the right to prioritize in-store customers.)

Prices are subject to change. Exact quotes may be obtained from customer service staff only, and are good for that business day.

We do not sell our raw materials or packaging (yeast, flour, cake boxes, etc.), but we ll gladly refer you to suppliers and generously offer advice to home bakers with questions.

Payment and Refund Policy

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and good old cash. Refunds will be issued as store credit only. Perishable goods must be returned within two days of purchase.


La Farine is an equal opportunity employer. From time to time we have both bakery and retail positions open and we give tryouts to qualified applicants. We encourage interested parties to drop off a resume to a La Farine location so that in the event a position opens up, we can call applicants for tryouts.

Thank you we look forward to seeing you at La Farine!

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