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Sep 18 2018

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Japan Real Estate Institute

Global Appraisal Advisory Dept.

Major services offered by JREI can be classified into three groups:

  • research study (assignments commissioned by the public and private sectors, in-house research projects, and joint efforts with foreign research institutions);
  • appraisal (the “institutional” valuation procedure in which every draft report is discussed and reviewed by senior staff); and
  • consulting (consulting services for urban renewal, property development, investment, etc., and the development and application of various valuation models).

With the comprehensive expertise developed in the above three fields of work, JREI has been able to maintain its reputation as a real estate think tank by conducting research for the public, by providing accurate and impartial appraisal reports, and by recommending efficient real estate utilization. JREI will continue to handle real estate in a professional manner through its many years of experience.


Certified Real Estate Appraisers

Certified Assistant Real Estate Appraisers

First-class Licensed Architects

MAIs(Member, Appraisal Institute)

Business License Registration: Real estate appraisal business -Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (14) NO.8

First-class authorized architects and builders’ office: Tokyo Metropolitan Government Registration NO.24222

Compensation consultant: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Registration Compensation 20 NO.19

Construction consultant: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Registration Compensation 22 NO.8372

JREI regularly undertakes several surveys on real estate values, rents, investment returns, etc. and publishes accurate figures.

NEW Japan Real Estate Institute Home Price Indices The JREI Home Price Indices are existing condominium price indices derived from repeat-sales for the Capital region of Japan since June 1993.В

The Japan Real Estate overtook the publication of the indices in January 2015 from the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Wooden Frame House Market Value Indexпј»building onlyпјЅ twice a year, as of the end of March and September

since March 1955

since September 1996

Japan real estate

Japan real estate

Japan real estate

since April 1999

since March 1945

Japan real estate

since March 1940

Japan real estate

since December 2006

Japan real estate

Japan real estate

Japan real estate

Japan real estate

Research & Study

In the research & study function, JREI staff analyzes real estate-related matters both theoretically and empirically. JREI’s statistical publication on nationwide land and rental value indexes and its wide range of research findings are used extensively within academic circles, the business world, government agencies, mass media, and the general public.

Research Projects

JREI regularly undertakes several surveys on real estate values, rents, investment returns, etc. and publishes accurate figures under such titles as “Urban Land Price Index (twice a year, as of the end of March and September),” “National Wooden House Market Value Index (twice a year, as of the end of March and September),” “National Office and Apartment Rent lndex (once a year, as of the end of September),” “Japanese Real Estate lnvestor Survey (twice a year, as of April 1 and October 1),” “Survey on Timberland and Tiber Price (once a year, as of the end of March)” and “Survey on Agricultural Land Price and Farm Rent(once a year, as of the end of March).”

Joint Efforts with Foreign Research lnstitutions

JREI’s prolific research projects on foreign real estate-related topics are mostly undertaken in cooperation with international institutions. JREI also exchanges researchers as well as information with its foreign counterparts.


JREI publishes real estate-related books of timely topics and periodicals including “Real Estate Research(quarterly journal).”


Library materials on real estate and other fields available to the public.


JREI boasts a well-integrated national network with head office, eight regional offices and 42 local offices. It enables JREI to utilize the coordinated valuation procedure and to carry out unbiased valuation using its ample detailed data.

Objective Valuation

The coordinated valuation procedure is supported by both appraisal meetings and in-house review process.

Scrutiny of appraisal reports by professional staff addresses possible shortcomings and produces balanced and reasonable results.


Experts are picked from JREI staffers for the following assignment types:

  • Real estate securitization (J-REITs, Private Fund, etc.)
  • Environmental impact valuation (soil contamination, asbestos, etc.)
  • Property valuation attributed to a business value (asset impairment accounting, M A, corporate real estate, etc.)
  • Lodging and recreational facilities, including hotels, golf courses, skiing sites, amusement parks, and theme parks>
  • Health care properties, including senior housings, hospitals
  • Industrial properties, including distribution facilities, factories, infrastructure facilities
  • Retail properties, including shopping malls, department stores, and supermarkets
  • Residential properties, including apartments
  • Office properties
  • Publicly used properties
  • Rent valuation (market rent under new lease, rent under renewed lease)
  • Global valuation, English reports


Utilizing valuation and consulting expertise, JREI supports various real-estate-related activities, including urban renewal, community planning, land development, and property assessment (computer-assisted mass appraisal). Consulting assignments are undertaken by knowledgeable JREI staff in the field of complex valuation, condemnation compensation, city planning and computer application.

State-of-the-Art Resourceful Consulting

JREI is proud of its high-skilled licensed/certified staff, including appraisers, architects, engineers, redevelopment planners, and condemnation compensation consultants. In addition, JREI’s reliable computer-assisted valuation systems help clients in both private and public sectors for decision-making.

Performance in a wide spectrum of fields

JREI’s extensive knowledge on real estate enables the following areas of work:

  • Support for urban renewal and property development projects
  • Highest and best use study
  • Development impact analysis
  • Landscape influence analysis
  • Feasibility study
  • Real estate market study and forecasting
  • Project selection support
  • Mass appraisal system for property tax assessment
  • “Value in use” estimation system for specific business project
  • Identification system for impaired assets

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