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Sep 30 2017

ISmartAlarm Smart Home Video Security System Premier Bundle White ISA9 – Best Buy #ismartalarm,smart #home #video #security #system #premier #bundle,isa9,alarm #kits,home_supplies


iSmartAlarm – Smart Home Video Security System Premier Bundle – White

Best DIY Home Security System Posted by: MikeT from: on In my opinion it’s the best DIY security system anybody can buy these days. Super simple to set up and if you ever have any questions there’s an easy to understand and friendly contact support center. Their cameras are great, I’m just waiting for some outdoor models to come out. In a few months they will have a new “Pro” indoor camera that has motion tracking and other neat features built in. I would definitely recommend this to a friend or family member!

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What a steal Posted by: unclesch1spell from: on I’ve done my homework and found this product by far and away is in its own category. An entire security system, PLUS a camera, and best of all, no fees, period. All for one price that’s less than what’d I pay Vivent or ADT just to rent out their equipment for a couple months? I don’t know how these guys do it. On top of that, it only took me less than 10 minutes to get this up and running. Just buy it, you won’t regret it.

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Great system. horrible app Posted by: Toto from: on The system is almost perfect but the app is a joke. If you are thinking who cares about the app if the system is great, think again. You can only control the system through the app and good luck with this. It is installed in 3 different phones, I rarely was able to log in and manage the system. Today I have armed the system. then the application crashed again and when I had to go back into the house I had to run and unplug the device to prevent the system from triggering the alarm. Another flaw of the system, the bad guy comes in, the alarm starts counting before it goes off, the bad buy unplugs it and that’s the end of it. you get a text like 40 minutes later that the system is off. Even if the alarm goes off its not loud enough to scare anybody. I would still keep it though if it wasn’t for the problematic app, before I get this I looked the reviews for the product not the reviews for the app in the google play store which are pretty bad.

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Best DIY Security System Posted by: Sunnytb from: on I always want to have a security system for my home, but I don’t want to pay the monthly fee. I searched around and finally settled down on iSmartAlarm. They have all the sensors I need and a camera. Setup is easy and the app is intuitive. There could be some improvements in the app but overall I am pretty satisfied with this purchase.

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Very happy with this purchase Posted by: edoriv from: on After much research I decided the best fit for our needs was the iSmartAlarm system. I compared dozens of similar products but all seem to have a monthly service fee and those that had an optional service fee provided less features and capabilities without the monthly service fee. For our needs we simply did not need a “monitoring service” I’m fully capable of checking via camera what’s going on and making the decision to involve the authorities myself. Installation was very simple. Peel and stick the door sensors and simple screw mount for the motion sensors. Within minutes my entire system was in place. Less than 30 minutes I had a fully functional monitoring system. Combined with IFTTT I am able to automate arming and disarming when we leave and arrive. For the money this system can’t be beat.

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OK wireless system Posted by: MatthewH from: Layton, UT on Great homeowner installed security system. Only negative thing I can say is the network seems to go down a bit more often then I would like.

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Worth getting Posted by: RandomT from: on Was looking for a smart security solution that is portable since I could use some work but the system works great.

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Best DIY Home Alarm System! Posted by: SuzanneO from: Dallas, TX on I wanted money on a DIY X10 home security system that I couldn’t get to work after 2 months of trying. This system I had fully up and running. And installed in 1 hour! I love how I can control everything from the iPhone and that I can put unlimited devices on it. Only downside is it requires Internet and electrical to run. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT.

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Not a complete package Posted by: Customer from: on This package/bundle does not include the remote tag, so you have to buy it separately. Without the remote, you have to use your phone to disable a triggered alarm within 10 seconds before it starts screeching. The package we purchased last year included the remote, which we kept in a convenient location, so when the sensors are accidentally triggered it is easy for any family member to disarm the alarm before the screeching siren starts blasting. The remote is an essential, necessary, component for this system. iSmart knows you will need it and you will have to pay extra to purchase one from them.

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Great product Posted by: cmkva17 from: on Great for home security and peace of mind. Easy to install and operate. Very loud when alarm is triggered. The text, email, and phone calls for alarm triggers are prompt and great.

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