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Jun 8 2018

Facility and Real Estate Asset Management Solutions, Accruent, real estate management software.#Real #estate #management #software

About Accruent

Your physical resources real estate, facilities and equipment are a giant slice of your financial structure and are critical to achieving your mission.

Accruent is the largest company focused on optimizing every aspect of planning and managing your physical resources with software and services that enable you to shape, drive, manage and control your physical world.

Accruent delivers solutions that enable you to optimize the full life cycle of your real estate, facilities, and equipment. Our solutions help you Shape, Drive, Manage and Control your physical worlds.

Shape your organization s long-term, high-level strategy. This is usually defined over the long term, taking between five to ten years to fully define. Drive initiatives to bring those strategies to life over a few quarters or years. Manage your physical assets efficiently in order to keep your organization running smoothly from a daily, weekly or monthly perspective. Control your assets, down to the hours, minutes and even seconds using mobile workforce management or the industrial IoT.

Accruent provides a single system of fully-integrated solutions that address each of these crucial steps to growth by enabling your organization to plan and manage their physical assets at every level, from the board room to the control room.

Real estate management software

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Real estate management software

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