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Unit in Chicago high-rise: $4.7M

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Homeowners, don t panic yet over Senate tax overhaul

Wealthy homebuyers already figured out how to game the tax plan

Can condo board ban owners from renting to relatives?

Amended Illinois condo law has some concerned about privacy

7 ways to get into real estate investing now

Naperville native, WNBA star Candace Parker, former NBA player Shelden Williams put California home up for $4.4 million

Actress Taraji P. Henson lists Gold Coast condo for $1.5 million

As number of rentals in condo building spikes, older unit owner feels pressure to sell

Q: Our 12-unit building is self-managed and switching back quickly to “rentals” due to foreclosures, death and moving. I have requested financial info for the year and have asked if we have enough to shampoo hallways; I’ve also asked when we will have a condo meeting and have received no response.

FBI: Hackers scam homebuyers out of millions — and it s getting worse

WASHINGTON — In this year of horrendous cyberheists — Equifax the most prominent — you’ve probably taken at least a few precautions: changed passwords, stopped opening files and links from unknown senders, upgraded your computer security measures, maybe put a freeze on your credit reports. But.

Pet owners face unique challenges when buying and selling a home

Elena Ruiz and her partner, Shawna Kerns, place such a high priority on their desire to rescue animals, they switched neighborhoods to find a place with a yard. The couple had two cats and a dog when they began house hunting from their apartment in Washington. Now that they have settled into their.

Taking the home-buying plunge young: 20-somethings weigh in

Buying a home can be daunting, especially if you re young. Twenty-somethings (many of them new to saving and some carrying student-loan debt) can be intimidated by the sheer amount of money and paperwork involved in home-buying. And there s a vast amount of conflicting information online. I think.

Hedges fuel property line dispute

Q: I am a senior and have lived in my house for 40 years. Up until now, I’ve never had any problems with my neighbors. Now I need to determine where the property line is between my house and the next-door neighbor’s. She recently informed me that she was going to plant some hedges that will match.

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