Mar 31 2020

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NARPM® is the professional, educational, and ethical leader for the residential property management industry.

We are an association designed for real estate professionals who know first-hand the unique

challenges of managing single-family and small residential properties.

NARPM® offers an effective, professional learning environment for owners of property management companies and their employees.

Sacramento Chapter Professional Members & Support Staff


NARPM® lends credibility to your business today and is only the beginning of the gains that NARPM® membership brings you and your company over time.

Current Industry-Related News

Our news magazine is issued 11 times per year to keep you current on issues of interest and concern to residential property managers. The Residential Resource, is an excellent source for industry information, legislative updates, association news, and tips for making your business more successful and effective.

Annual Convention and Trade Show

The Annual Convention and Trade Show is filled with opportunities for learning, networking and examining the latest technology for property management.

Educational Opportunities

Workshops and courses offered at the Annual Convention and Trade Show and at various Regional Conferences teach our members how to be better and more efficient property managers, and how to maximize their profitability. NARPM® courses cover topics such as marketing, maintenance, technology and owner/client relations. Online courses are also available to allow members the ability to learn without leaving their offices.

Nationally Recognized Designations

NARPM® certification programs enable property management professionals to continually update and refine crucial skills. Professional members can earn the Residential Management Professional (RMP®) and Master Property Manager (MPM®) designations. The Certified Support Specialist (CSS®) program is specifically designed for Support Specialist. The Certified Residential Management Company (CRMC®) can only be earned by a Professional Member’s company that has reached the highest level of excellence in their profession.

Business Building Referrals

Build your business with referrals through networking with other members across the country via the NARPM® website and annual membership directory.

Listing on National Website

A free listing on the NARPM® website gives you international exposure. With over 10,000 visitors (including property owners) searching our site each month, you can expect leads from your listing.

List Serves

NARPM® maintains list serves for several specialties within the organization. These lists enable members to stay in contact and the share questions and concerns as they arise.

Affinity Partner Programs

NARPM® has several affinity programs with various product and service companies including, Budget Rent-A-Car System, The Home Depot PRO,, Travelocity, several office supply companies, and more! These special programs available to NARPM® members offer great discounts, promotions and help raise money for your association.

National and Local Affiliates

NARPM® has a broad array of Affiliates and vendors who can assist in every aspect of your business including advertising, banking and financial, insurance, legal services, software, Internet tools/marketing, tenant screening, maintenance, and other business products and services.

Special Discount Offers for Members

The NARPM® Membership Team has been working hard to develop partnerships to bring more benefits to our NARPM® members. In addition to your existing member benefits, you now have access to three exciting new programs that will offer you discounts and rewards for your everyday and business shopping.

Sparrow and Jacobs Real Estate Marketing Tools

NARPM® has recently joined up with Sparrow and Jacobs Real Estate Marketing Tools and Property Management Discount Supplies to provide all NARPM® members with member discounts. Sparrow and Jacobs is a real estate marketing company which provides marketing kits, newsletters, postcards, magnets and many other real estate promotional items. As a NARPM® member, you will receive 25% off EVERY order as well as free shipping on every order, no matter how small. The use of inexpensive marketing tools is an easy way to maintain customer relationships, get referrals and ignite responses. Their materials are generic or theme based, is high quality and will surely get the response you are looking for.

Discount Property Management Supplies which is a division of Sparrow and Jacobs wants to make your jobs easier! That’s why they offer the high quality Property Management Products you need at the lowest prices everyday! Check out their Leasing Supplies, Maintenance Supplies, Marketing Supplies, Parking Supplies, Pet Waste Supplies, Signs and much more.

AchieveLinks Member Rewards Program

AchieveLinks is a unique rewards program developed exclusively for members of the National Association of Residential Property Managers. This just might be the most exciting benefit we’ve ever offered. AchieveLinks is just one more reason it pays to be a member of NARPM®.

When you activate your account, you’ll be eligible to earn valuable LinksSM reward points for almost everything you buy. You can purchase anything from rugs to running shoes and everything in between. You can shop with literally hundreds companies you already know and trust, including: •® • Target® • Nordstroms® • Staples® • Coach® •®

Over 900 merchants are in the program. AchieveLinks merchant partners constantly provide special offers that help you save and earn even more. Today, it might be extra links at Tomorrow, maybe a special price and free shipping at the Apple store. You never know what kinds of great deals you’ll find!

You can always count on the value of the Links you’ll earn when you shop through AchieveLinks. As they accumulate, you’ll be able to redeem them for all kinds of exciting must-have merchandise and once in a lifetime experiences. You will even have the opportunity to pay your membership dues with your reward links.

In the upcoming weeks you will receive more communications about this exciting program. Your AchieveLinks membership is ABSOLUTELY FREE. Activating your account is fast and easy. Visit AchieveLinks and sign up now. Don’t miss out on the rewards you’re due – activate your AchieveLinks membership today.


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