Mar 28 2020

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Department of real estate


Complete List of Publications

The DRE offers many publications on topics of current interest to the consumer and licensees, such as the Real Estate Reference Book, which provides general information on many aspects of real estate practice; and the Real Estate Law book and CD, which contains the current Real Estate Law, the Commissioner’s Regulations, and pertinent excerpts from other California codes.

Ordering Information

All DRE publications are available online by clicking on the links below. To order publications by mail, submit an Publications Request (RE 350) to:

Department of Real Estate
Book Orders
P. O. Box 137006
Sacramento, CA 95813-7006
Fax (916) 263-8911


  1. The publication can be reproduced in total, including the title pages and cover. No changes may be made to the text or cover, with the following exception. You may list your name, address and phone number as the distributor of the brochure. For example, “This copy given to you compliments of XYZ Mortgage Home Loans.”
  2. The complete text or excerpts of the publication shall not be incorporated within any other printed matter of any kind without express permission.
  3. The publication shall be distributed at no cost whatsoever to the recipient.
  4. The publication shall not be used as a DRE endorsement of your business.
  5. The content, intent or voluntary distribution of this publication shall not be misrepresented in anyway.
  6. DRE retains all rights to this brochure and reserves the right to withdraw approval to reproduce and distribute DRE publications at any time without prior notice.
  7. The publication must be reproduced on paper of comparable quality.

e-reader Devices

PDFs are viewable by e-reader devices. Please check with your e-reader device manufacturer for instructions on how to download and view the PDF documents on the DRE web site.

Consumer Publications

The DRE releases two new brochures to help Landlords and Tenants avoid fraud. The quick guides help consumers ask the right questions to avoid falling victim to rental and property management fraud.

  • A Consumer Guide to Filing Real Estate Complaints #RE 51 (Rev. 3/14)
    Explains the Department’s complaint process.
    • En EspaГ±olIn Chinese
  • A Consumer Guide to Mortgage-Related Complaints #RE 20 (Rev. 3/14)
    Provides basic information about loan servicers, lenders, mortgage brokers, complaints, and contacts.
    • En EspaГ±olIn Chinese
  • A Guide for Residents Purchasing Their Mobilehome Park #RE 34 (Rev. 11/01)
    Answers questions about rental park conversions to resident ownership.
  • A Homeowner’s Guide to Foreclosure in California #RE 15 (New 7/10)
    Useful information for homeowners in financial distress who live in their homes.
    • En EspaГ±olIn Chinese
  • Department of Real Estate Brochure #RE 10
    Provides an overview of the Department of Real Estate, including history, department objectives, program areas and office locations.
    • En EspaГ±olIn Chinese
  • Financial Sense to White Picket Fence #RE 18
    This brochure provides helpful hints and tips relating to real estate financial literacy.
    • En EspaГ±olIn Chinese
  • Finding the Right Real Estate Agent: What You Should Do #RE 16 (Rev 2/16)
    Provides a checklist for hiring a real estate agent.
    • En EspaГ±olIn Chinese
  • Foreclosure Information for Homeowners #RE 14
    Explains the foreclosure process and possible alternatives to foreclosure.
    • En EspaГ±olIn Chinese
  • Fraud Warnings for California Homeowners in Financial Distress #RE 12
    Provides an overview of home loan modifications and where to find free foreclosure avoidance counseling.
    • En EspaГ±olIn Chinese
  • Living in a California Common Interest Development #RE 39 (Rev. 8/16)
    Overview of rights, duties and responsibilities of homeowner associations and homeowners. Explains CC&Rs.
    • En EspaГ±ol
  • Loan Modification Self-Help Guide #RE 21 (Rev. 3/14)
    A step by step guide to doing your own loan modification.
  • Preventing Real Estate Fraud: How to Protect Yourself and Your Home #RE 17
    Offers information on real estate fraud protection.
    • En EspaГ±olIn Chinese
  • Real Estate Consumer Recovery Account #RE 3 (Rev. 7/18)
    Provides an overview of the Real Estate Consumer Recovery Account and explains how to apply for payment.
    • En EspaГ±olIn Chinese
  • Reverse Mortgages – Is One Right for You? #RE 52
    Explains the pros and cons of reverse mortgages, a loan product geared toward senior citizens.
    • En EspaГ±olIn Chinese
    • Brochure version #RE 52A (New 1/12) En EspaГ±olIn Chinese
  • Sources of Home Loans #RE 22
    Provides information about sources of home loans and homebuyer assistance programs as well as questions to ask when applying for a home loan and tips for borrowers.
    • En EspaГ±olChinese
  • Surviving the Real Estate Escrow Process in California #RE 23 (Rev. 3/14)
    Information about the real estate escrow process, including tips and mistakes to avoid.
    • Brochure version #RE 23 En EspaГ±olChinese
  • Trust Deed Investments – What You Should Know!! #RE 35 (Rev. 3/14)
    Explains the basic steps and factors involved in trust deed investments.
  • Using the Services of a Mortgage Broker #RE 35A (Rev. 3/16)
    Explains the basic steps and factors involved in a mortgage transaction handled by a broker.
    • En EspaГ±olIn Chinese
  • The Real Estate Brokerage as Fiduciary

    Client Interests Must Come First:

    A real estate licensee’s duty of care to a client is higher than the average duty. Among other things, it requires the subordination of the licensee’s own personal gain or advantage in favor of the client’s interests.

    Please read the article on “The Real Estate Brokerage as Fiduciary: A Summary Review of What it Means and Why it Matters”, which we have re-issued today.

    Re-Examining (via Social Media) Some Ideas to Help Close the Knowledge and Skill “Competency Gap” Among California Real Estate Licensees


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