Mar 21 2020

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Buy my house


Buy my house

Got a house or piece of land you want to sell to us?

Have questions on how it works?

Selling to us is a simple three-step process. It’s easy, unobtrusive, and low-pressure. We try and make selling real estate to us as easy as agreeing on a price and picking up a check at closing.

There is a reason over 1,800 people have contacted us since just 2016 to buy their home or land in Oklahoma.

Here’s how the process works….

  1. Call or send us your information online – The more information you can provide the better. How soon do you want to sell? Why are you selling? What can you tell us about your property?
  2. Meet with us at your home – We’ll do a quick walkthrough of your home with you. This is for us to see what the home is like and evaluate any repairs/updates needed.
  3. Choose your closing dateAfter agreeing on an as-is, $0 closing costs or commissions price for your home you get to decide when closing happens. Two weeks? Let’s do it. Two months? It’s all up to you.

About W Properties

Experience & Integrity Without the Fluff & Hassle

Selling a house is usually an expensive and complicated process. That’s why real estate agents charge thousands (sometimes tens of thousands) of dollars to handle the sale of a house. Commissions, fees, repairs, cleaning, etc. all add up to a lot of money out of your pockets.

Putting aside the costs of selling a home, one thing we also noticed that it was typically a stressful event. We looked around and saw people spending months cleaning/repairing their home to get it ready to sell and another few months to actually sell it and get paid.

We knew that there had to be a better way to sell a house in Oklahoma….

Enter W Properties.

When we buy your house, we make the entire process simple, and there are no fees to pay because we cover ALL the costs associated with closing on your home.

Start to finish, we explain the entire process in everyday terms and are there for you from the first phone call all the way to the closing table. We try to make selling a house as easy as agreeing on a price and picking up a check at closing.

There is a reason over 1,800 people have contacted us to buy their home since 2016.

Here’s how we make selling your home a quick and easy process….

  • We do what we say we are going to do. We are Oklahoma’s only BBB Accredited (A+ rating) cash home buyer owned by a licensed agent with the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission for a reason. Read our online reviews for yourself….
  • Simplifying the paperwork and closing – we pay ALL the closing costs for a local title company to handle the closing. Our purchase contract which outlines the agreement to buy your home for $X is one page long in clear, easy to understand language.
  • You can sell your home totally “AS IS”this means ZERO cleaning or repairs required by you. You can even leave behind things you don’t want to keep.
  • Familiar with all types of situations – Most folks just want to sell their home to us as a quick and simple alternative to going the traditional way through an agent. However, we do buy houses regardless of the reason to sell and are very familiar with special situations like foreclosure, probate, inherited homes, divorce, fire damaged properties, delinquent taxes, short sales, rental property, etc.
  • Flexible options to make selling stress-free – Need a cash advance before closing? Done. Need help moving? Done. Want to agree on a price but not close for 2 months or longer? Done. Need to stay in your home AFTER closing for a while? Done.

Seller Stories

Would you do business with a company without checking their online reviews?

Wouldn’t you want to read what past customers had to say first?

We feel the same way. Whether it is a company you are selling a home to or a new mattress you are buying or a handyman you are hiring. If a company doesn’t have good reviews online, maybe that is a bad sign….

Here’s what previous sellers say about the experience of selling their home to W Properties

T yler [W Properties] is very easy to work with. I appreciate the whole process and the upfront honesty through the process. It was smooth.

Ashlee – Moore, OK

Tyler was not the first person who met with us regarding the sale of our home, but he was the best. He immediately made a fair offer, emailed, called or came by weekly to check on our well-being (spouse and I are in our 70’s), counseled us from start to finish for a stress-free conclusion, and even arranged for us to remain in the home after closing until we can complete our move). A big “THANK YOU”, Tyler!

Karen & Mike Henthorn – OKC

It was very easy to work with Tyler at W Properties. He knew the process I was going through selling the property. Whenever I had a question or inquiry, he was quick to respond. He worked very well with me and my family and there was never a hassle when I needed or requested something. Based on my experience with him I would highly recommend Tyler.

Neil Restrivera – OKC

Not only do testimonials from people we’ve bought homes from over the years set W Properties apart from other we buy houses companies….we go above and beyond to hold ourselves to a higher standard. Here is why we are continually Oklahoma’s #1 trusted company that buys houses:

  • Licensed with Oklahoma Real Estate Commission – License #170512. Other companies aren’t owned by a licensed individual with the state since it means more rules and ethics to follow. Being an honest company, we don’t mind it.
  • Accredited by the BBB – We maintain an A+ rating with the BBB who is responsible for verifying how we do business and treat customers to make sure we meet their high standards.
  • Member of the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce – Just like the BBB, the chamber of commerce has standards of business to meet to be a part of the organization.

So let’s recap everything here…

…you now know W Properties is a locally owned and operated company that BUYS houses. That’s right, we BUY houses in OKC…We give Oklahomans an EASY way to sell a house, get paid, move on and avoid the normal hassles of selling a home. We buy houses in OKC and other areas around the state.

When you sell your house to W Properties you’ll deal with NO more real estate agents, NO more open houses, NO more inspections, NO more fees/commissions/closing costs, and NO more waiting to sell and get paid

Let’s face it….

Selling a house the “traditional” way can be terrible….

The “traditional” way to sell a home or other real estate in Oklahoma is:

  1. Paying an agent 6% commission to put a sign in your yard
  2. Taking money out of your savings for expensiverepairs/updates so the home will sell
  3. Paying $1,500 – $6,500 in closing costs
  4. Months of your home sitting on the market not knowing when it will sell OR for how much
  5. Having to move quickly and have all your stuff out before closing
  6. Keeping the house ab-so-lute-ly spotless clean until it sells for picky buyers
  7. Showing your house for hours at a time day in and day out
  8. Having to fix 350 different things on your home after the picky buyer’s inspection
  9. Finally getting an acceptable offer only to find out that the buyer’s financing fell through

If you have ever sold a house, you get it. Sometimes the process goes smoothly and your house sells in a week, at your full asking price, without a problem. Other times……you’ll wish there was another way. That is why W Properties exists ….

We’ve been through it all after buying hundreds of houses over the years.

We understand that selling a home can sometimes be a time-consuming and very stressful process. Many homeowners are so busy that they just don’t have the time to do all of the things required to prepare a house to sell on the market quickly for top dollar. This is where we come in….

What if you could sell your house in 2-3 weeks versus 5-6 months?

Would it be nice to pay $0 in closing costs or fees and $0 in commissions?

Would you like to avoid ALL cleaning, make no repairs, and not have to remove unwanted belongings before closing?

What if you could pick the date and time to close on your house and get paid?

Would being able to stay in your home AFTER closing help you?

This is what we offer Oklahomans – a BETTER way to sell real estate. Don’t sell your house the normal way, sell it the EASY way…sell your home to us!

Our goal is to make selling your home as easy as agreeing to a price and showing up to the title company to pick up a check.

When we buy houses we remove ALL negatives for you such as: repairs, remodeling/updates, closing costs, commissions, time, worry, stress.

Are you ready to sell a home or land in the OKC or the surrounding area? Give us a call or text today at (405) 673-4901. We can write you an offer to buy your property within 48 hours. Here is what one recent seller had to say about working with us:

Everything went so smoothly. I really appreciate the fact that W Properties was so friendly and easy to work with. I would recommend this company to anyone. A big thanks from me! – Carol VanWart

So you know we buy homes, but are we looking in your area.

We buy houses and all properties (land, commercial buildings, multifamily buildings) in the following areas:

If you are needing to sell a property in a DIFFERENT location other than our primary target cities listed above, please call us to discuss how we can help you. We buy houses in other areas as well, but it really depends on the area, the house, and how much repairs are needed.

Over 1,800 people have contacted us since 2016 to buy their property….

What are you waiting for? Call or text us today at 405-673-4901. Or, just fill out the form at the top of the page, tell us a little bit about your house and we’ll call you within 24 hours.


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