Mar 21 2020

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Buying a new home


Buying a new home

Here at Creative Home Buying Solutions, Inc. we have been helping people in Mercer, Auglaize, Van Wert, Paulding and Allen counties buy one of our quality, maintained homes since 1999. With over 62 years combined experience, our staff can solve most obstacles that are now preventing you from being a homeowner. We are ready to help you obtain the dream of homeownership at a price you can afford! We aren’t realtors, lenders or loan originators; we actually own all the homes we sell. Since we own all the homes we sell, we can do what others can’t.

Whether you have great credit and your own financing, or bruised credit and need a little help, we would love to help you own one of our homes!
No gimmicks, no sales pitches, no fine print, just honest advice that has helped over 415 people fix their credit and buy one of our homes.

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Check out this review from recent clients, Joe and Tammy!

-Joe and Tammy, Van Wert

Why choose to work with Creative Home Buying Solutions, Inc.?

Well, ask yourself this, are you:
– Tired of renting and the rental lifestyle?
– Tired of throwing your money away every month towards something you don’t own? Paying for someone else’s house? Not having your OWN home to do what YOU want?
– Tired of moving your family every few years? H aving your kids change schools and find new friends.
– Tired of trying to find a home that fits your situation?
– Tired of looking for properties?
– Tired of being told you don’t qualify for a home loan due to low credit scores, judgments or collections?
– Tired of being told you have bruised credit? Not enough time on the job? Divorce? Past Bankruptcy?

We handle all types of credit situations.

It’s simple. We’ve helped people in your exact situation. People who want to OWN their own home but no one has offered to simply help them. Help you.

We have a variety of short term owner financed home ownership programs including rent to own, land contract, and $0 down payment purchase. In the past, many of our buyers have been able to take advantage of low down payment government loan programs that allowed them to purchase one of our homes immediately. We may be able to help you work around past credit problems.

Why be a renter one more day when you could be a home owner?

Just because you’ve had a situation in the past, doesn’t mean there is no hope and the problems can’t be solved… read our testimonials! You may have a solvable problem that we can help you with. Maybe you can get that dream home in that perfect neighborhood after all. Isn’t it worth 10 minute of your time to fill out the free application linked on the left?

We do not charge you any fees to talk to us or to have us look at your situation. We make our money selling our homes, period. All your information is kept confidential. Don’t be embarrassed about your credit and don’t wait any longer to get started. Call us now to start working towards a proven credit solution or start the ball rolling by sending us an application online.

What do you have to lose. 10 minutes of your time? What do you have to potentially gain? Your family’s dream home! Or, at the very least, a free credit improvement plan to move towards that goal. What an easy decision.

Obviously we can’t turn 100% of the people that contact us into immediate homeowners. I wish we could because our goal and the success of our business is based on the sole purpose of selling you one of our homes. We know that not being able to solve all problems immediately will upset some people. What we can do however is be 100% honest with you and try our best. If we can’t help you immediately after we receive your application, at the very least you will know exactly what your current situation is, what may be stopping you from getting a home loan and what you need to do as a next step to move towards that goal.


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